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Why Attendance Matters

A student’s attendance and how well they do in school are closely connected. The more a student goes to school, the better chance they have to do well in their classes. Find out how attendance affects a student’s success in school and check out some steps you can take to help your child below!

Your child’s attendance can have a major impact on their success in school and in life. Watch to learn how.

As a parent, there are many things you can do to help your child! First, it’s a great idea to talk to your child’s teachers. They know exactly what’s going on and can give you tips to help out. You can also help your child build good study habits or even find a tutor if needed. Check out our resources below to see where you can find a tutor and learn how to set good habits!

Yes, showing up to school is essential to get credit for classes and move on to the next grade. In elementary school, if kids miss more than 20 days without an approved reason, they may have to repeat the same grade. For older students, if they’re absent too often, they might not get credit for some classes and might even have to repeat a grade. View CCSD’s full attendance policy here.

Absolutely! CCSD has many choices to help your child learn in the way they like best. Check out the It’s Your Choice website, which has information about different types of schools including online learning, adult schools, special education and more. Learn more on their website here.

In Nevada, all students will need to give a special form called DMV-301 to the DMV when they want to get a learner’s permit or a driver’s license. If they don’t meet the attendance rules at school, however, they won’t be able to get the needed signature from a school official on that form. Without that signature, a student can’t apply for their learner’s permit or driver’s license.

Other Resources

We understand that sometimes students can’t come to school, and because of that, they might have a hard time keeping up with their schoolwork. We’ve teamed up with groups in the community to give you some helpful tools that can make things easier for you and your child!

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