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Supporting Families

As parents and guardians, you are our best resource to improve student attendance. Learn more on how we can work together.

Some of us got out of our routines during the pandemic. Working with your children to develop positive habits can increase
attendance – and make your life much easier!

There are lots of websites online to help you find the best care provider for your child. In Nevada, you’ve got options like the Nevada Child Care Fund and the Child Care and Development Program. They can help you find a good caretaker for your child and may even help with paying for child care.

There are many things you can do to improve your relationship with your child. Remember to use gentle words and tones and friendly gestures when you speak with them or ask them to do something. Find fun ways to hang out together and look for chances to spend time as a family. It all boils down to being there for them, making a strong connection, and giving them what they truly need (which doesn’t mean giving them every single thing they ask for). You can find a more detailed guide here.

Your first stop should be with the CCSD Transportation Department, which can provide more information about District-wide transportation. If you can’t take your child to school or they can’t use the bus, there’s still a cool option: the Safe Routes to School (SRTS) program. This program is all about making walking and biking to school safe and fun. Check out more info here.

Other Resources

Many of our partners offer resources to families struggling to improve student attendance. See below for additional resources.

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