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Physical and Mental Health

Children need to be in school to reach their educational potential, but how can you help your child when they have physical or mental health needs? The Southern Nevada Family Engagement Center is here for you and your family!


Figuring out whether to keep your child home from school can be a difficult decision, especially after COVID-19. Understanding your child’s physical and mental state can help you decide if being absent from school is necessary! 

If your child faces significant physical or mental health issues that mean they have to visit a doctor or therapist regularly, you can work with your school to ensure your child is still learning. Our partners at Nevada PEP can help you navigate the options available for your child.

Sometimes, your zoned school doesn’t provide the flexible structure that your child may need – and that’s OK! There are plenty of options for students who can’t attend their zoned school. Visit It’s Your Choice! to learn more!

Other Resources

We know that for families facing physical and mental health concerns, school attendance is often one of the last things on their minds. We have partnered with organizations across the community to provide resources that can assist.

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