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Engaging with Your School

Looking for ways to connect with your child’s school and get more engaged in your school community? The Southern Nevada Family Engagement Center can help!


Getting involved in your school community and getting your children involved in school activities can help increase school attendance and achievement!

A full list of schools with contact information is available here. You can call the main school office using the numbers in this document. You can also contact your child’s teacher through communications platforms like Infinite Campus.

Starting a connection with someone at school might feel a bit scary, but there’s no reason to worry! The school staff understands that you care about your child. To start, talk to your child’s teacher(s). They are usually the person that has the most contact with your child. Ask your child if they have a favorite teacher or adult at school; this may be a coach, counselor, or support staff. They may be the easiest person to connect with at your child’s school because they have already built a connection with your child. You can also go to parent conferences and school events. If you’re still not sure, you can always talk to a school administrator for guidance. Find more resources to help below!

The important thing is to have a presence in the academic life of your child. This will include activities such as doing homework with them and frequently asking them what they learned in school. You may also want to teach them the importance of delayed gratification and help them understand the bigger picture. If you still find it difficult to help your child, don’t be afraid to seek help. Their teacher(s) or a support group for parents can be a great place to find help. More resources to help are available below!

Other Resources

We have partnered with organizations across the community to provide resources that can help you connect with your school!

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