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Addressing Fear and Anxiety

Does your child feel anxious or scared about going to school? The Southern Nevada Family Engagement Center is here to help you make sure that your child feels comfortable and safe at school!

Is your family dealing with bullying issues? Knowing what to do and how to comfort your child can help ease the stress of this unfortunate situation.

Anonymously report bullying through SafeVoice here.

If you find out your child is being bullied, it’s important to act fast. Talk to a school employee or leader, like a teacher, counselor, or principal, so they can step in and stop the bullying. Under Nevada law, all bullying cases must be investigated by a school. Let your child know that the bullying isn’t their fault and help them stay calm. It might be a good idea to connect them with a school counselor, psychologist, or a mental health service. Sometimes, kids who are bullied find it tough to talk about their feelings, and these experts can help them open up and feel better. More resources are below!

Talking to kids about school safety is incredibly important. Lots of kids feel shy about sharing their worries about school, so it’s great to give them a little nudge to talk about how they feel. Show them that you understand and take their feelings seriously – don’t brush off their concerns. Keep talking with them regularly about school safety, not just when there’s a problem. This way, they’ll feel more comfortable opening up. Remember, if things feel tricky, don’t hesitate to get help from a school professional or health provider. More resources are available below!

Your child should know they’re not facing their fears alone. It’s a smart move to find out how the school keeps everyone safe. Every school has a crisis plan that is communicated to parents. Talk to your child about these procedures. You can also work together to make a safety plan, and to make it even better, practice the plan with your child. This way, they’ll be ready to handle things if they ever face a tough situation. Click here for more tips.

Many parents think they are doing the right thing when they allow an anxious child to skip a day of school. What they don’t realize is that they are unintentionally telling their child that the solution to anxiety is to avoid it. Because avoidance is highly reinforcing, it becomes extremely hard to get back in the habit of going to school. Here are some tips from Harvard on how to respond to school avoidance due to anxiety.

Other Resources

We understand that there are many reasons a child can be nervous about going to school. We have partnered with organizations across the community to give you resources that can help your child feel more comfortable going to school!

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