The Go to Grow Coalition is here to help students learn and grow! We are wrapping families with support to address chronic student absenteeism by bringing partners to the table, mapping out resources for students and families, and breaking down silos within the community. Families can use this website to find tips and tools to remove barriers to school attendance and success.

What is Chronic Absenteeism?

A student is considered “chronically absent” when they miss 10% or more of their scheduled school days.

The number of students missing more than 10% of school days nearly doubled after the pandemic.

When families are involved in school, students are more likely to go to school, learn, and graduate!

Is Your Child Missing School?

There are many reasons why kids are absent. We’ve provided some resources and solutions.

Why Attendance Matters

Learn why it’s important to keep kids in school and support students who need academic help.

Attendance: Explained!

Learn the rules around attendance and what to do if your child needs to be absent.

Engaging with Your School

Find ways to get in touch with your
school so your child is more
excited to attend.

Supporting Families

Find ways to build strong family connections that contribute to better school attendance.

Physical and Mental Health

Find resources for students with short- and long-term illnesses and mental health needs.

Addressing Fear and Anxiety

Get the facts about helping kids feel safe at school and learn how to respond to concerns.

Go to Grow Partners

The Go to Grow Coalition was established in response to the growing concern of chronic absenteeism. This community coalition offers resources and solutions to address this pressing issue.

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